This Week's Reading Assignment

D&C 29:1–8; D&C 33:3–7; D&C 37; D&C 38:24–41; D&C 52:2–5, D&C 52:42–43; D&C 57:1–3; D&C 110:11; Articles of Faith 1:10;

Lesson Summary

The gathering of Israel. The purpose of gathering. The latter-day gathering begins. The Saints commanded to go to Ohio. The call to gather to Missouri is issued. The gathering continues in our day.

Lesson Highlights

  • The Lord is gathering His people.
  • The Saints gathered in Ohio.
  • The Saints gathered in Missouri.
  • The Saints now gather to the stakes of Zion in their own lands.
A study of this lesson will help us understand how latter-day Israel was gathered in the early days of the Church, how it is being gathered today, and how we can participate in this gathering.

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