This Week's Reading Assignment

D&C 20:1–36, D&C 20:68–69, D&C 20:75–79; D&C 21; D&C 27; D&C 115:1–4;
Our Heritage, pages 14–16

Lesson Summary

The Church is organized. Instructions to follow the prophet. The members to meet together often and partake of the sacrament. Duties of Church members.

Lesson Highlights

  • The Church is organized in the latter days.
  • The Lord commands Church members to follow the prophet.
  • The Lord encourages Church members to meet together often to partake of the sacrament.
  • The Lord explains the duties of Church members.
A study of this lesson will teach us about the restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ through the Prophet Joseph Smith, help us appreciate the blessings of Church membership, and encourage us to show the Lord our gratitude for membership in His Church.

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