This Week's Reading Assignment

JS-History 1:27–65; D&C 3; D&C 5; D&C 10; D&C 17; D&C 20:5–15; D&C 84:54–62

Lesson Summary

Joseph and the angel Moroni. Annual visits to the Hill Cumorah 1823-1827. Joseph receives the plates. The translation begins. The lost manuscript.

Lesson Highlights

  • Joseph Smith's preparation to receive and translate the Book of Mormon.
  • The miracle of the Book of Mormon's preservation.
  • Witnesses of the Book of Mormon.
  • Our duty to "remember the new covenant, even the Book of Mormon."
A study of this lesson will help us recognize the Lord’s hand in the coming forth of the Book of Mormon and to encourage us to study the Book of Mormon, follow its teachings, and share it with others. Read all of Bill Beardall's lesson text here.